Sunday, July 19, 2015

Danville Founder's Donation

The first Founder's Donation Event was a success! We raised $92.80.

Number in attendance: 5
Average donation per: $18.56

Thank you donors!

Besides excellent refreshments, we got to hear from Reverend Ann about her experience taking the training in NY.

Having previous participants share their story is a valuable tool for educating our leaders about what Undoing Racism® is and isn't-- what I take from my research, interviews, and participants accounts is that it is not the answer, but it is a tool. A tool to understand what racism is, how it was constructed and how it can shed light on racial disparities in our communities.The work is ours to change structures and behaviors in our communities that perpetuate racism- and ultimately 'undo-racism.'

Obvious members who may benefit from the training include hiring managers, police, school employees, and service organizations.

Generating discussion and comfort around the issue of racism is a key first step to engaging the community.

Bridging conservative/liberal divide, and understanding our unique history, and current behaviors of racism is key to addressing disparities in our area. 

Demographics, and statistics of institutional disparities, are effective tools to motivate discussion on racism.

We had a constructive and successful evening at Brews b Bytes. Thanks to all who contributed!

To get more acquainted with efforts to bring Undoing Racism® to Central PA, please join us for a fundraiser or Meet-up. Stay tuned for more fun and engaging events!

Meet Up, Kind Cafe, Sat., Aug 1st at 9:30 am
Share information, organizing strategies, meet others who are working toward similar goals, find partners to work with and support. 

Scheduled talk: 
Aug. 3rd Lewisburg: "Who Are We? Race and Identity in Rural PA."
Monday night Rotary at the Lewisbug Club. Contact Rotary for information.