Monday, November 2, 2015

Upcoming Events in Sunbury and Northumberland

Greetings! Happy Fall!

Come out this week to celebrate Sunbury at the Sunbury Founder's Donation Event, and join an informal talk on Sunday at 2pm at the Front Street Station in Northumberland.

Sunbury is changing in more ways that one- and a diversifying citizenry is not the least of them! From greening the downtown, to citizen engagement, to new business development, Sunbury is on the forefront of of change in our region.

Where does diversity fit into this unique position in the Valley? Diversity is the key to many of the advantages Sunbury has over other communities in our region. Not sure how? Come find out: Nov. 4th from 7-9 at the Hotel Edison. Refreshments provided. $15 min. donation. The event is free for police and elected officials.

On Sunday, I will be hosting an informal discussion at the Front Street Station in Northumberland from 2-3:30, grab a snack or drink, and add to the conversation about what racism is, and how our area grapples with issues around racism.

Hope to see you there!