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This blog is dedicated to organizing Central Susquehanna Valley communities to take the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond Undoing Racism® workshop.  

Inequity Analysis for Central PA has a fund set up under the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation (CSCF) to cover costs for community leaders to experience Undoing Racism(R) training. the training is nationally recongnized as a premier training for helping leaders successfully develop multi-cultural communities.  

The CSCF Fund covers 5 1/2 counties: Lower Luzerne, Columbia, Northumberland, Union, and Snyder. Contact:

Kat Bullington
814 206 8157

I have been trying to tackle issues of racism and inequity for two decades, but never really had the right tools. I happened upon The Institute while researching an article on police training and support, in the wake of the Michael Brown case. What Diana Dunn, a founder of The Institute said to me made sense:

"Police deal with the failure of community institutions"- Diana Dunn
"If we can understand what racism is and how it operates, we can undo it." - Diana Dunn
"People aren't poor because of a lack of programs and services, people are poor because they lack power."- Diana Dunn

A main goal of the training is to develop tools to analyze equity in institutional outcomes. Check out the testimonials to see what other community leaders have said about the training, like retired Deputy Police Chief from Deluth, Minnesota:

"When it comes to police officers, I believe that learning to undo racism is just as important as learning first aid. Police officers in Duluth who have attended People's Institute training often act differently in situations where issues of racism come up. They are less likely to personalize the situation.  Instead of becoming defensive, they will show more empathy. Officers who haven't gone through the workshop often make the situation with community worse."

Robert Grytdahl, Retired Duluth Deputy Police Chief and Duluth,

Minnesota Human Rights Officer

This blog is dedicated to organizing communities, and especially community leaders, in Snyder, Union, Northumberland, Montour, Columbia, and Lower Luzerne counties to order Undoing Racism® training from The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond.

Donate to the 'Designated' Inequity Analysis Training Fund housed in the Central Susquehanna Valley Community Foundation here to help pay for in-community Undoing Racism® training sessions.

Undoing Racism® in-community training:
Cost: $18,000 per 40 people.
This breaks down to $450 per person.

The closest available training to the Central Susquehanna Valley is three hours away, and requires extra funds for hotels, gas and food. The overall cost for a trip to a training center for one person is about $1300. It is cheaper to bring the trainings to the Central Susquehanna Valley through in-community training sessions. With continued interest the Institute may create a permanent training facility in our area.

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Thank you for being involved in a community changing experience for our region. 

Kathryn Bullington
814 206 8157