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"Why Central PA Needs Undoing Racism™ Training" 

This is a half-hour introduction to:
  • What the People's Institute Undoing Racism™ training is 
  • Statistics on racial inequity in PA 
  • Insights into challenges, helpful supports, and outcomes of the training through evaluations and testimonials.  
  • How you can take the training, and help organize the community toward Undoing Racism

"The Roots of Racism" by Kathryn Bullington
Why is racism embedded in our culture? This 1 hour talk takes outlines the roots of racism in US culture. People care and often look for a scapegoat on which or whom to blame racism, but the truth is more ubiquitous. Our collective experiences evolving in our culture has brought us to where we are today. What will our future bring? Hard questions, and hard answers. 

"The Challenges and Assets of Multi-Cultural Communities" by Kathryn Bullington

This is a 45min. talk on the statistics, challenges and strategies of building healthy, multi-cultural communities.

A multi-cultural citizenry increases civic engagement, increases innovation, and increases business profits. But, none of this can happen if communities are hampered by racism. This is another reason why we need our community leaders to be able to engage in conversations about racism -- what it is, where it comes from, and how to 'undo' it.

"Who are we? Race and Identity in Rural PA" by Kathryn Bullington

In this talk, Bullington shares and reflects on her personal experiences witnessing and acting racist with honesty and understanding, and offers steps to change behaviors that perpetuate racist actions.  

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