Raising Money/Ordering Undoing Racism®

This Blog Space
You may use this blog space to post and organize about your event- just fill out the contact form on the right of this page to get set up. Also check out What You Can Do and the Resources page. 

Organized Meetings
Check the calendar for Meet Ups and meet others who are working toward the same goal. Meet Ups are open to anyone who works on or wants to learn about anti-racism, even if it is not focused on the Undoing Racism® program specifically.

If you have the funds, and would like to order the community training yourself:

In-Community Training: Full 2 1/2 day training, Up to 40 people
Cost: $18,000, or about $450 per person

Diana Dunn, The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond
diana@pisab.org, 504-301-9292

In this 2 1/2 hour workshop, the participants will be guided in creating a visual that will serve
as the anchor for discussing institutional and individual relationships with
struggling communities and understanding intra-community dynamics.

Cost: $3,000

Invite a representative of Undoing Racism® for a first hand account of who they are and what they do. Please have a date and audience in mind before contacting Kimberley.
Cost: $1,000

For Appetizer and Talk, contact:
Kimberley Richards
504 722 3213

From experience, calling seems to be the best way to get in touch with this busy organization. I have spent many hours talking to the founder's, and trainers- so if you aren't ready to order the training, but have some questions- just ask, I may be able to answer your question for you:
Kat Bullington
814 206 8157

If you want to take the training yourself in NY you can register here.

If you are not part of an organization you can still create a fund-raising event, and raise money for the Inequity Analysis Fund housed in the Community Foundation. You will be responsible for your own fundraising efforts. You can contact a lawyer to be sure you are following all laws. You might want to call the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations for information:

Dept. of State, Bureau of Charitable Orgs.,
207 North Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0103.

If you are part of an organization You know what to do! Let's make this happen!

If you do have any questions feel free to fill out the contact form on the right of the page, though I cannot answer legal questions.