Testimony from Central Susquehanna Valley for Undoing Racism®:

"I went with no expectations other than that I would have my understanding of the world turned on its head. That happened. I gasped and laughed and cried... I came away confused and troubled and determined. Perhaps the most important thing I learned, the thing I have to learn to live into, is that I am not needed as an ally, I am called to be an activist. We all are. This program matters and makes a difference." -Reverend Ann Keeler Evans, M.Div., Minister, UUCSV
Unitaritan Universalist Congregation of the Susquehanna Valley

From The People's Institute's Undoing Racism® participants: 

“It was like getting corrective lenses; you are seeing things you’ve never seen before. The whole world looked very different. It had a profound impact on my life.”

Gail Golden, ED D., MSW

Clinical Director Volunteer Counseling Service Rockland County

"I wish I would have experienced this workshop 20 years ago."

Ralph Dickerson, Jr.
Former President United Way NYC

"When it comes to police officers, I believe that learning to undo racism is just as important as learning first aid. Police officers in Duluth who have attended People's Institute training often act differently in situations where issues of racism come up. They are less likely to personalize the situation.  Instead of becoming defensive, they will show more empathy. Officers who haven't gone through the workshop often make the situation with community worse."
Robert Grytdahl, Retired Duluth Deputy Police Chief and Duluth,
Minnesota Human Rights Officer

"As a Latino born and educated in this nation and with solid ties to the immigrant communities and communities of color the workshop provides crucial insight into the identification and recognition of racist behavior too often missed and overlooked by communities that have arrived in this nation during the last 30 years. The capacity to identify and recognize the history of the constructed racism clarifies the strategies needed to be utilized for all of us to be free. In addition, unless we recognize our commonalities with the communities of color, emphasized with ARA, we will continue to be divided."
Luis Quiros, MPA.,MSW
Board Member of NYCLU
Chairperson Westchester Community Program
Professor Fordham University
Touro College

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